Huge thank you to the developers for their support and to everyone who entered and shared the giveaway. Here are the recipients of the apps (and Robotto of course!):

The Adventures of Bobik Bombastinov: Helen W, Maricelis C, Ruth B, Kylie T and Mithun J.


Hand Painted Animals: Fayme H, Karen T, Beckyjayne P, Caitlin O.



Robotto: Helen W.


Numberland HD: Helen W, Krista C, Michelle E.

Montessori Letter Sounds: Elaine L, Cassie V, Karen T.

Les Sons Des Lettres Montessori: Frances A, Elaine L, Fides M.



Maths Martians HD: Addition – Elaine L, Frances A, Jennifer V.

Maths Martians HD: Subtraction: Kylie T, Christie D, Karen T.

Tell Time: Holly S, Rebecca R.

Sheldon's Adventure: Maricelis C, Frances A, Ruth B.

Alphabet Games Deluxe: Frances A, Elaine L, Beth W, Karen T, Helen W.

Counting to 20: Carrie W, Frances A, Alex S, Michelle H and GayLynn R.


i See-quence… Going to the Beach: Lyssette A, Fayme H.

i See-quence… My Schedules at Home: Jan B. and Mrs. Tempered Sunshine.

i See-quence… My Schedules at School: Karen T, Fayme H.

i Create… Social Skills Stories: Jacque C and Jim M.


All About Me Storybook: Judith J, Karen T, Jan B, Marita L.

i Get… People at School Photo Album Book: Britt B and Frances A.


Speech with Milo: Verbs: Judith J, Renee C.

Speech with Milo: Sequencing: GayLynn R, Helen W.



Step by Step Going Potty: Dianne S, Grace S.




Step by Step Playing with Friends: Avery J-P, Tammy H.



Getting Dressed: Jim M, Frances A.

What to do if you get lost: Grace S, Brenda B.

Exercise with Stacks: Renee C, Grace S.


Ordering at a Restaurant: Frances A, Grace S.




Language TherAppy: Jessica C.





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One Comment on “Winners!”

  1. Gingerheaddad August 17, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I received two items and I hope to be able to use them soon. As soon as I get an iPad, that is.

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