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Apps: review of “Stella and Sam Story Pack” and giveaway of “Go-There-Square”

The boys attend a multi-activity respite session on Thursday evenings. It’s at the Geneva Centre for Autism which is a long way from our home (about a 60-90 minute journey on public transit involving two subway lines and a streetcar ride!) but it’s 1 on 1 time at a centre where the staff have a […]

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Sleeping strategies

I recently attended a workshop on sleeping strategies for children with ASD. The workshop was part of the parent training program provided by the Geneva Centre for Autism. Unless otherwise cited, the information and strategies outlined in this blog post┬áhave been taken from the information provided at the workshop, but I have reorganized it somewhat […]

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Mourning public figures – thoughts prompted by the reaction to the death of Steve Jobs

This blog post isn’t about Steve Jobs per se, but there are some things I need to say about him in order to make my point (if I in fact have one; writing this blog was an attempt to marshal my thoughts, let me know if I succeeded?!). “I come to bury Caesar, not to […]

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