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Information gleaned from an Eating Strategies workshop for parents of ASD kids

I recently attended a workshop run by the Geneva Centre for Autism ( called “Eating Strategies”. The workshop is designed for parents of children who are on the autism spectrum and have difficulties eating a varied diet. Most of the parents in attendance had children who were younger than 7 but the behavioural therapists running the workshop […]

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Why you need to become part of The Momma Project I’m going to ask you to do two things. The first one is to read this whole post until the end. I’ve made it as succinct as I possibly can (c’mon guys, this is tough, I’m verbose!!). Caryn Haluska is a friend of mine from Twitter where she’s known as @ihave7monsters. You can read about […]

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“Wombs of Doom” or “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Poisoning My Children with SSRIs”

Some days the internet is bursting with awesome! Some days the internet sucks: For me, yesterday was one of the days I wished I could pee on the internet. The reason was because of the reaction to a couple of autism studies  just published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. One of those studies was an evaluation […]

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